Q: Can I buy CD's directly from Guy Sweens?

 A: No, unfortunately this is not possible. The fastest way to buy cd's, is directly at the webshop from record label MG Music: www.medwyngoodall.com. Alternatively you can buy Guy's cd's at Amazon and other online webstores and at local (esoteric) retailers worldwide.


Q: What do the lyrics mean and can I have a translation?

A: As a composer, it's Guy's goal to create a specific atmosphere or mood and to support this, he uses spoken words or vocals on a regular base. However, in most cases the lyrics itself have no specific meaning. The words are only there to support the melody and to enhance the atmosphere that Guy is trying to create.


Q: I am a movie director and I would like to use your music for a movie or TV production. Is that possible?

A: Please contact us via the contact button on this website to discuss the options.


Q: What instruments does Guy Sweens play?

A: Guy plays the majority of instruments on synthesizer/keyboard/piano. With today's excellent multi sampling techniques, it is possible to play any instrument very convincingly on a keyboard. In most cases you will hear no difference compared to the original or "real" instrument, as long as you keep within the key range of the original. It is also important to stick to the playing technique of the original instrument to avoid sounding like a keyboard player.


Q: Does Guy Sweens also perform live?

A: Guy's work is focused on composing and producing music. It would take a lot of time to organize and prepare for live performances. Precious time that would be at the expense of creating new music. For this reason, Guy has chosen not to perform live and prefers spending his time in the studio in order to be able to release a new album every year.