Guy Sweens was born in the South-East of the Netherlands. As a child, he showed many interest in music and he was spending much time listening to pop- and classical music. When Guy reached the age of 16, he found out about a rarely new technique in the pop music scene that was and still is very popular: (re)mixing of already existing records. By coincidence, Guy discovered the weekly broadcast remixes of world famous Dutch remixer/producer Ben Liebrand in 1986. Inspired by Liebrand's remixes, Guy started to make remixes himself. He used a room in front of his bedroom in his parents' hoGuse, that became his home-studio. Almost all of Guy's remixes were broadcast on Belgium radiostation Maasvallei Radio. In 1990, Guy changed direction and began producing Dance music. Many of these Dance-tracks were also broadcast on Maasvallei Radio.


In 1993, Guy started composing a completely different style of music: New Age Music. He discovered this new musical genre around 1987. The first New Age song Guy ever listened to was "Dawnlight" from Karunesh and from that moment on he never looked back. He continued composing both Dance-Music (mostly Trance) and New-Age Music until the year 2000. From now on he decided to concentrate only on composing New Age and World-Fusion. New Age and World-Fusion gave Guy much more freedom to express himself, without the obligation to constantly keeping up with musical trends, which is always the case in the Dance-scene.


In 2005, Guy became a professional composer/producer. He won the "MG Music New Talent Competition" and signed a record deal with MG Music later that year. MG Music is the record label of highly acclaimed new age artist Medwyn Goodall, based in the UK. In Spring 2005, Guy released his first album with MG Music "Gaya of Wisdom". In 2006 he participated in a cd-project called "OM" and wrote and produced the track "Mahayana" featuring Medwyn Goodall on guitar and pan-pipes and Terry Oldfield (brother of Mike Oldfield) on the Bansuri-flute. The year 2007 gave life to Guy's album "Kamadeva" followed by "The Legend of Ganesha" in 2009.


During 2012, Guy founded a new musical project called "Chill Connection". It's a Lounge/Chill Out/Downtempo project and the first album "Mesmerise" came out in May of the same year on record label Eye Lounge Records. Mesmerise is available at ITunes and Beatport.

In 2014 the track "Son of Krishna" taken from the album "Kamadeva", was used in the movie "The Letters". The story tells the life of Mother Teresa through letters she wrote to her longtime friend and spiritual advisor, Father Celeste van Exem. Main cast: Juliet Stevenson, Rutger Hauer and Max van Sydow.

Musical Style

Guy's music can best be defined as vibrant, passionate, spiritual and saturated with melodic warmth and ethnic percussion. He draws inspiration from myths, legends and traditions from India, Medieval and Celtic history, the Inca Empire and many more. Guy creates concept albums that are a mix of western and exotic styles. In order to create these textures, he uses many different traditional instruments from all over the world, combined with modern synthesizers and technology. Some albums strongly reminiscent of cinematic music. For instance Moon Magic, that is arranged with grand piano, string orchestra, percussion, synthesizers and choirs. Another example is the epic album Odin's Raven, that is inspired by the Viking era.

Nominations and Awards

  • 2018: "Karmic Journey" was nominated for "Best World/Global Fusion Album of 2017" by One World Music Radio (OWMR) in the UK.
  • 2019: "Dawn Goddess" was nominated for "Best New Age Album of 2018" by One World Music Radio (OWMR) in the UK.
  • 2020: Record label MG Music presented Guy Sweens a special Music Award: “In recognition for his skill, high quality production and global sales".