TV Interview

Recently I gave an interview for Dutch local TV Station "Meer Vandaag". The interview
was aired on April 19th 2020. You can watch it with English subtitles on my youtube channel.
Click the youtube logo to watch the interview.

Out Now
"Moon Magic" (2019 - New Age)

“When the sky is clear at night, it’s just stunning and inspiring to watch the full moon. Being the closest celestial
body to the Earth, the position of the moon has great influence on human live, natural cycles, the environment and
on animals in many different ways. The Moon reflects the energy of the Sun and this way links our inner world to the outer one.
It influences our perception of reality forming our character and personality. There are 8 moon phases that all have their own
characteristics and influence all the life on our planet in different ways. Each phase lasting for about three and half days when
the Moon moves approximatively forty-five degrees forward. For this album I composed 8 songs and each song
represents a specific phase of the moon. Enjoy the magical journey!” - Guy Sweens

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Also available "Dawn Goddess" (2018 - New Age/World Fusion)

Nominated for "Best New Age Album of 2018" by One World Music Radio (OWMR) in the UK 
"In various ancient cultures that have a polytheistic religious tradition, the Dawn Goddess is often worshiped.
The Romans had Aurora and Eos was her Greek counter part. The Inca culture had Chasca who created the dawn and twilight.
At dawn the world is slowly awakening and sometimes the twilight is so mysterious that it seems as if you are on
another planet! This album has been inspired by the magical moment of the dawn and the music
contains elements of various cultures. I hope you enjoy
Guy Sweens

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More news
My album "Karmic Journey" has been nominated for Best World / Global Fusion Album of 2017 by "One World Music" in the UK. This category is voted on by a secret panel of judges. The Award winners will be announced Sunday 3rd June 2018. Fingers crossed....! more info